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Change of plan..

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In tonight from 9 now so that’s a full 9-5.30am shift of naughtiness! yay!



Working tonight!!

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Make sure you catch me on screen tonight 12-5.30am..

Now I wonder what I should wear… or more appropriately what I shouldn’t ;)



Christmas is a coming…

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As you know Christmas is on it’s way! yay!!! (it’s the thing that makes me handle the horrible weather at least! I”ve even submitted and had my first gingerbread latte from Starbucks)

A couple of callers last night wanted to know what i wanted for Xmas.. so here’s my little wish list! :)

*An Apple Mac Book Pro


*A tom tom (I’m suddenly finding myself lost a lot these days!)

So not too much eh?? lol Don’t worry as I go shopping more and more pretty things will catch my little eye and I’ll make sure to pop it up for you.

Also a message to Tom, you’ll find my private postal address further down in this blog somewhere to send that letter to me :)

I’m back on screen Tuesday night, so make sure you keep me company! (one of the best nights to call because Tuesdays are always quieter days)



Had to cancel tonights show

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I’m so sorry, but I had to cancel tonights show because I’m feeling a bit unwell :( though it best to take the night off and get myself on the good old hot toddies so I won’t be bunged down for the rest of the week!

Forgive me :)



last night for the week!

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Did my last night for the week tonight, if you missed it shame on you!! tut tut! lol

Russ I think the 12th commandment hit us in the last half hour of the show with the phone battery dying twice! sods law eh?!

I’m back on your screens next week on weds, sat and sun!

See you then, and keep good ;)



My postal address

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Below is my postal address if you want to post me letters or parcels. Don’t send it into the Bang Media camp as it can take a long time before I receive the mail.

Thank you for a very naughty night last night, I’ve woke up only 45 mins ago that’s how hard you boys gave it to me! ;)

Donna Duke
Box 1842
Office 6, Slington House
Rankine Road
RG24 8PH

Back on Weds and Thurs night, as I’m away for the weekend!



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Hi guys!

Just to let you know I have a nice long break before I’m back on screen on Monday (30th).. so save yourselves for me and get filthy with me on monday!

There’s a lot of speculation at the moment about staff at BBabes which is ludicrous because the staff I work with are exceptionally lovely. So please refrain from slagging off people that help to create a show for you and have our best interests at heart.



Quick catch up!

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Thank you to those of you that have posted me letters and parcels to my mailing address (further down on this blog if you need it), I’ll be collecting them on wednesday- can not wait!

I have a couple of holiday pictures I need to upload onto the website of me, so keep an eye out for those.. a little piece of me behind the model ;)

Much love to you all, I’ll catch you on screen tonight. Sorry for those of you that were waiting to watch me on freeview last night, we had a slight technical hitch but hopefully it’ll all be sorted tonight. Don’t forget freeview kicks off at 3am on channel 98. xxx


On screen tonight!

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Back on Bang Babes tonight for a naughty friday night with you all.. so make sure you call up! :)



Thank you

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Thanks to all of you that took the time out to send me presents for my birthday last Monday.. it was so appreciated! Plus you know a girl can never get enough pressies ;)

Also a big thank you to all of you that wished me a happy birthday ont he phone lines…

I am now officially a 26 year old! arrrgghh that sounds so old to me… oh well.. we’ll see what the year brings eh?! ;)

Sorry for the website having a few technical problems, it’s all been sorted as you can very well see!

Enjoy the hot weather… I know I will :)